Deeds and Results

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Deeds and the results you get

Happiness or sorrows are results of the deeds we do in our life, it is said that “we reap what we sow” similarly the actions you do influences the results you get.

Sometimes it so happens that we get bad results and also we will have to face bad sequences when we are doing right for the society and we are on the path of truth, and some who are on the wrong path, doing damaging things to the society will get all luxury and materialistic happiness. This makes us disappointed. We begin thinking that there is no value to follow the right path and follow truth.

But, have you ever thought what will those who are in the wrong path, doing wrong things to the society are gaining in reality??

Their mind will always be wavering, they will always be in confusion of life and in whatever they do. Situations of life make them lose confidence and this will make them to run race in the gaining something. But, when they are not able to gain something they get depressed and they loose all their control and this gives birth to ego within them which destroys them completely.

Do you think that this is real happiness??

One who is in right path and determined with truth remains stable within their mind, any situations cannot influence their happiness and life, they gain respect in the society and happiness rests in their mind. This is real happiness in life.

By this it is clear that being on the right path and following the path of truth is not an instrument for happiness, but it is happiness and the being on the wrong path and doing wrong thing is not going to result in grief but it is grief it self.

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