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CSIR – Ayurveda based anti diabetic drug


CSIR launches Ayurveda based anti diabetic drug for Rs 5 per tablet

CHENNAI: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), today launched BGR-34 – an anti-diabetic ayurvedic drug with DPP4 inhibitory Activity at Rs 5 per tablet. Tablets that inhibit DPP 4, an enzyme, help reduce blood sugar levels.

BGR-34, designed for type 2 Diabetes mellitus has been scientifically validated for its efficacy and safety, after trials conducted for 18 months. Developed by the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), the research units of CSIR, the tablet lowers blood sugar levels and increases the immunity as well, said Himanshu Sharma, Research officer, Aimil Pharmaceuticals which produces and markets it for medical use. “This tablet can be prescribed by Ayurveda practitioners for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. It is an equivalent of the DPP 4 inhibitors in the market,” he added. Traditionally in the market, DPP 4 markets are priced at Rs 40 per tablet, with the exception of Teneligliptin – an allopathy drug – available at Rs 7 or Rs 8 per tablet, doctors say.

Dr AKS Rawat, Sr Principal Scientist, CSIR-NBRI said,” The modern diabetes drugs are known for side-effects and toxicity while BGR-34 works by controlling blood sugar and limiting the harmful effects of other drugs.”
Diabetologists add that while they do not prescribe Ayurveda-based medication, a DPP 4 inhibitor available at Rs 5 would make inroads in the market. “If sufficient trials are conducted and the medicine proves effective, the Ayurveda based tablet can be used as a supplement with the drugs taken for diabetes,” said a city-based diabetologist. The tablet was introduced in Lucknow in October 2015 and later in other cities. Sharma said that the doctors have been prescribing the medicine, and so far, the medicine has seen sale worth Rs 25 crore. “It is also available in ecommerce sites and in all leading pharmacies,” he added.

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