Choice of Dharma – Adharma

Life management

Whatever we get in our life, is just the result of our action and choice between Dharma and Adharma. One has to always choose Dharma, and remove the curtain of Adharma from their eyes, this will help one to loose his enemies like Kama, Khrodha, Lobha, Madha and Matsara which all together give birth to ego, and which will indirectly kill a person.But, following Dharma is like we are having address for Lord’s aboard and are going towards him. That means we travel towards lord, indirectly towards happiness and this path make you immortal through your deeds.

Adharma will also give happiness, but it is temporary, and it will make us mortal through our deeds, it makes one to commit many mistakes and give suffering to many, but the sole intension is to be happy. But Dharma says you may suffer but other’s must be happy, which cannot be accepted by many, they think other’s may suffer but I must be happy always.This is the difference between Dharma and Adharma.

Many don’t know the meaning or real personality of Dharma, Dharma is not the set of rules one has defined for himself to follow, or it is not rule set by a group of intelligent people which they say others must also follow, or it is not any religion or caste which people think theirs is the best and fight with others, it is a rule set by oneself for the bettrement of other’s together and this rule must be accompanied by kindness. Lord krishna also tell that we can consider kindness as Dharma. When one is dry with kindness, towards the society then that person is called as Adharmi. Main Dharma of a person is to sacrifice for the betterment of society.

Lord Krishna says:
We are all like rice grain in the rice container, some follow Dharma and some Adharma, time puts those who follow Adharma upwards so that they are cooked first and swallowed first, bcause their role is destructive and they think of their betterment. But, it keeps those who follow Dharma to be cooked at last, because they have many things to do in this world and he will also protect the until their role in this world is done, irrespective of religion – created by human.

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