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YOGA – Chathurangasana

The Chathurangasana strengthens your arms, wrists and abdomen. It is also a good preparation pose for more challenging arm balancing poses

How to Perform:

step 1: Lay down on the floor, resting all the parts on the floor.

step 2: Lift the body with toes and hands support.

step 3: when comfortable with the body weight on hands, squeezing the belly inside and inhaling ,slowly lower the body, till the arm and shoulder are in 90 degree angle.

step 4: stay in this position for at least 5 breaths and lift your body up again.

step 5: repeat the same steps again.


This yoga has certain precautions that one should be kept in mind before practicing it. This asana – precautions include not practicing this pose if you are pregnant or if you suffer from Carpel Tunnel syndrome. This pose should be learnt under the guidance of a practiced yoga instructor and also after seeking your doctor’s approval to do so.

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