This asana is known to tone various parts of body into good shape.This asana has steps which gives you a nice stretch and thus tones the parts.

How to Perform:

step 1: Now lie upside down, putting the weight on your belly and modify your body into bhandasana posture.

step 2:Keep your feet flat and hips distance apart. Make sure that your toes are kept pointed, facing towards the ceiling.

step 3: Now start stretching your arms behind and clasp both your feet with your hands.

step 4: Carefully now start lifting your chest as high as you can. Start breathing slowly. Also, while lifting start squeezing your shoulders and press both your hands downwards as much as your can(make sure your don’t put more pressure on knees).

step 5: Keep yourself in this posture for say about 1 minute. Then slowly start releasing your body. Once you realize your body just lie on the ground and relax for some time.


This asana must not be practiced by women when they are pregnant and during the period of menstruation.

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