At present socially it has been a great issue if one says “Bharath matha ki jai” or “Bharath ki jai”, but speaking generally, there is no issue in both, we can use any of them to refer to our mother India. But some create an issue, that saying “Bharath matha ki jai” is wrong or some argue that saying “Bharath matha ki jai” is right, these issues rise basically because the persons have ego problem that they want their concept to be accepted so they fight for that. But, if they go to the depth then they understand it is useless.

“Bharath matha ki jai” is good, according to the vedic culture, we Indian used to personify all that is around. Like Love is personified in form of Krishna, Peace is personified as Rama, Innocence is personified in form of Shiva, etc. In this way all that is surrounded by us is personified, so question arises why Earth is considered as mother (“matha”)?? here is the answer.

consider the quality of mother, mother is one who creates and produces many things from her, she bares pain, she sacrifices he happiness for her child, this none can oppose. In the same way mother earth has the capacity to produce life, and poses all the qualities of mother, so personifying earth in form of mother is not wrong!!, in any religion it is mentioned that after the supreme god, mother is the god so why can’t accept earth as mother, just think. and please those who have created this intellectual blabber-ism please stop it and accept thing’s irrespective of religion division.


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