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Ayurvedic Tips and Remedies for Cramps

Cramps is an involuntary and painful contraction of a voluntary muscle or a group of muscles.
In Ayurveda cramps as referred to as MAMSAGATA VAYU. When it is confined to calf muscle of the leg, it is called PINDIKO-DVESHTANA.

Carrying out exercise in excess of one’s capacity.
Intake of Dry and Rough food
Taking harmful medicine

Vyana Vayu regulates the function of the cerebo-spinal nervous system. If any metabolic waste which normally should be eliminated from the body does not get out, and circulates inside the body, it is likely to get deposited in nerve ending and muscle tissue. This is called Aama, which along with many other problem also causes cramps.

Massage with warm medicated oil(heated slightly to warm) like Mahanarayana Taila, all over the body. Those who get cramps frequently can also use gingelly oil and have a massage by themselves, before taking bath.

Simhanada guggulu:
Ayurvedic medicine which very effective for the treatment of Cramps. Those who suffer from this problem are usually constipated. Simhanada guggulu relieves constipation when given in a higher dose. Hot milk should be given to the patient after taking this medicine.

If this medicine cannot relieve constipation in the patient then castor oil can be given to the patient in dosage depending on the constitution.

Those suffering from this problem should say ‘NO’ to food that aggravates Vayu like Pulses.
They should avoid cold, rough, dry, pungent and astringent food.

They can consume sweet and sour food in good quantity.
Asafoetida and patola – vegetable are very useful.

Other remedies:
The patient should:
Resort to regular massage and exercise.
Avoid cold wind or rain.
Avoid fasting
Avoid exercising in excess than one’s own strength.
Avoid remaining awake at night.
Avoid suppression of natural urges, worry, anxiety and anger.
Avoid sleeping in daytime.

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