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Ayurvedic – PNC


Ayurvedic care – The Post Nasal Care

What is PNC?
We know that the care given to the pregnant women is for both the mother and child. But the care given after delivery to lend her the health to raise future generations. This care will have long term benefits.

Postal Natal Care has three stages which can be categorized based on the medication used for PNC.

Post Natal uterus purification medicine for a week
After delivery it is mandatory to remove the rheumatism related to delivery and strengthen the uterus for the next two week, and medicine is given for the same.

Medicine for physical fitness
In ayurveda woman are referred as suthika for 90 days after delivery or until the onset of her next period. Science specifies special diet and care for woman in this period for smooth recovery. such care will enable uterus to shrink back to its original state and also help produce sufficient breast milk and prevent infection.

In the three stages of post pregnancy ayurvedic doctors advice for medicines that help in gaining physical fitness and which are responsible and effective to ensure smooth cure.

Medicines like below will be suggested:
Deepyakadi kashayam, Deepyakadi choornam, Panchakalosavam, Panchakolapoornam, Pulilehyam, Ashokarishtam, Hinguchadichoornam, Dhanwantharam kashayam, Vidaryadi kashayam, Dasamoolam kashayam, Dhanwantaram gulika, Dasamoolarishtam, Jeerakadyarishtam, Dhanwantararishtam, Mritasanjeevani and Draksharishtam, Sowbhagyasundi, Vidaryadi khritham, Chyavanaprasam, Aswagandhadi lehyam, Amritaprasam.

Doctors may suggests these medicines based on the physical condition.

Oil Massage:
For oil massage bath Use any of Dhanwantaram thailam, Pindathailam, Lakshadi, Balasavagandhadi and Sahacharadi. Water boiled with ripe jackfruit tree leaves is good for bathing.
Avoid fish and meat in diet for up to 12 days after delivery.Avoid green chillies, Malabar Tamarind, fatty food and water. Boiled water can be used.Avoid food that causes constipation. Instead have food with plenty of fibre in it, like leafy vegetable and fruits.

Important Point:
Today delivery and caesarean sections take place only in allopathy hospitals.One thing to be noted here is that one usually approaches an Ayurveda physician for post natal care medicine only after exhausting the medicines and tonics given in the hospitals. By then the time for taking medicines would have been past. Therefore treatment can be started soon after delivery.
Another important thing is the tendency of medicines being prepared by women who assist in post natal care. In earlier days these were especially skilled people. It is not the case now. Medical texts are found not just in libraries today. It is the ill effect of them becoming roadside merchandise. The medicines are prepared and distributed not according to scientific rules. The medicine manufacture hardly takes into account the correct proportion of lehyams and khrithams.

According to ayurveda medicines with honey in it becomes toxic if reheated. Each yogam of medicine mentioned in the oushada yogams has its own definite proportions. It is ideal to make it as per these rules. A reduced or enhanced proportions will render it useless Proper care and treatment given during pregnancy, delivery and post natal period will be beneficial till the end of life.

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