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Ayurveda – Vacha Herb

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Ayurveda – Vacha herb and its importance

Acorus calamus is especially useful to improve voice; it is named so as it improves the Vachan Shakti – ability to speak. Vacha is one of the best rejuvenating herbs for nervous system; it directly acts on speech centers in brain thus improves speaking ability. Vacha is useful in calming the restless mind thus it alleviates anxiety, insanity and other psychological ups and downs. Vacha also improves working of digestive and urinary system. Vacha (botanically known as Acorus calamus; Hindi — Bach) is one of the rare medicines which find mention in the Vedas. Later day acharyas worked to find more of its benefits not only to the brain and the nervous system but also to other parts of the body. It has been described as bitter and pungent in taste and hot, sharp, dry and light in effect. It alleviates kapha and vata but aggravates pitta. Dry rhizomes of vacha contain a yellow aromatic oil which is volatile.

Botanical Name- Acrous calamus Linn.
Names in different languages:
Hindi Name-Bach, Ghorbach, Safed bach
English Name- Sweet flag, Calamus, Myrtle grass
Kannada Name – Baje
Telugu Name- Vasa
Tamil Name- Vasambu, Pullai-valathi
Malayalam Name- Bavambu
Arabic name – Vaj, Vash, Oudul Vaj
Gujarati name – Gandhilovaj, Godavaj
Kashmiri name – Vachi, Vaigandar
Persian: Agar, Agarturki, Vasa
Urdu: Bach, Vaj
Nepali Name – Bojho
Unani: Vaj turki, Bacch

Properties and Use:
Vacha is useful in alleviating kapha and vata of respiratory tract, so it is used extensively in cough, asthma, pharyngitis and laryngitis.
is useful in dysuria caused by kapha also useful in lithotrypsic.
is an oxytocic used in painful labour.
Vacha acts as an appetizer and antidipsetic due to its katu rasa and ushna veerya.
Vacha reduces abdominal colic by acting on worms caused by kapha.
Vacha is the best drug for inducing emesis for removal of kapha.
Vacha is an extremely useful medicine for teething problems in children.

1) Vacha pacifies morbidity of kapha and vata. Vacha helps to check obesity and acts as a brain tonic. Vacha is useful in epilepsy and insanity. It is also indicated in fever. In acidity vacha powder is indicated with honey and jaggery. Vacha powder with honey and ghee along with milk is useful in epilepsy. In case of abscess and swelling paste of vacha powder with brassica or sarson gives relief.
2) Skin disease:
Application of the paste of vacha, kustha , vidanga is useful in wet eczema.
Paste of lodhra , dhanyak & vacha is useful in pimples of puberty.
3) Headache:
In suryavarta and hemicranias, pressed snuff of vacha and pippali is useful.
4) As Rasayana:
By using vacha with milk or ghee or oil for 1 month, one becomes invincible for pathogenic agents and gifted with sharp intellect and sweet voice.
Regular intake of ghee cooked hundred times with vacha makes one long lived and free from disease.
5) Alopecia:
After pracchan karma, paste of vacha and devdaru or gunja should be applied.
6) Diarrhea:
One suffering from diarrhea should take water boiled with vacha and ativisha or musta and parpata or haridra and sunthi.
7) Diseases of mouth:
One who keeps the nodular piece of vacha in mouth for a day gets rid of the diseases of mouth.
8) Amajirna (Indigestion):
In this condition, emesis should be induced with decoction of vacha added with salt.

Home Remedies:
1). Vacha powder is used with milk daily in morning and night by adding sugar-candy to increase the memory.
2) Prepare a decoction of 2 gm each Saunf (Fennel seed), Dhania (Coriander) and Vacha (Sweet Flag) powder. Use this decoction in gastric problem.

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