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Sapamarga Herb – Medical importance according to Ayurveda

Botanical Name-Achyranthes aspera Linn.

Vernacular Names:
English name – Prickly Chaff flower
Hindi Name-Chirachinta, Chirchira; Chingchingi, Chirchita, Latjira, Onga
Kannada name – Uttrani, Uttarani
Telugu Name- Antisha; Apamargamu; Uttaraene (ఉత్తరేణి)
Malayalam Name- Katalati, Kadaladi
Bengali Name- Apang
Punjabi Name- Puthakanda, Kutri
Marathi Name- Aghada, Pandhara-aghada
Malagasy Name – Mahabaka
Tamil Name – Shiru kadaladi, Nayuruvi
Sinhala – Karal heba
Indonesia : Jarong
Afrikaans – Grootklits, Langklitskafblom.
French name – herbe à Bengalis, herbe sergen, queue de rat.
Spanish name – Cadillo chichoborugo, cadillo de mazorca, mazotillo.

This herb is anti-inflammatory (shoth nashak), hot potency (ushan veerya), pacifies vata and kapha (kapha vata hara). It is pungent (katu), bitter (tikat), astringent (kashay) and sweet (madhur) rasa and It is fire productive (deepan karma) in nature. It is best used to treat anemia (pandu roga).

Breaks down and expels sputum collection– Useful in piles, haemorrhoids,– Useful in relieving pruritis (excessive itching)
Relieves ama – a product of indigestion and altered metabolism.
Improves blood, Vantikrut, Vaamana
Precaution:in excess dose may cause nausea and vomiting.
Improves digestion strength
By using this for Nasya, it helps to relieve worms and infections in head and neck region.
Relieves bloating, balances Vata Dosha.
Relieves abdominal colic pain.
Relieves hiccups
Useful in piles, haemorrhoids
Useful in urticaria, itching, allergic skin rashes
Useful in fibroids, glandular growths.
Improves taste, relieves anorexia

Apamarga fruit is sweet in taste, hard to undergo digestion, useful in Raktapitta – bleeding disorders
The plant is an excellent diuretic. Hence useful in dysuria, urinary retention, water retention and urinary stones.
It helps to break down the kidney and bladder stones. This action is not only due to its diuretic action.

Apamarga is very useful in digestive system disorders. It ignites the digestive fire and helps in proper digestion of foods.
It alleviates nausea and vomiting.
Being a good source of potassium It also works well in heart problems also.
It is also useful in expelling the extra fats out of the body and maintaining it in healthy limits.
Thread medicated with the alkali prepared from Apamarga (Kshar Sutra) is tied to cut the hemorrhoids mass and fistula.
It also benefits a lot in skin diseases.

Home remedies:

Take 10 gm of Prickly flower root extract with one cup cow’s butter milk. Anemia will be eliminated.
Take red Prickly flower leaves juice 50 gm and together with 50 gm of cow’s ghee Bleeding piles will subside.

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