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Ayurveda – Muchakunda herb and its medical importance

It is a tree with whitish yellow flower and is abundantly seen in Karnataka. Susruta quoted Muchukunda under Granthi cikitsa. Apart from this we do not come across any references about this plant in Brihatrayi. However most of the nighantus emphasized in skin disorders, Vrana etc.

Muchakunda tree is commonly known as bayur tree, dinnerplate tree, maple-leaved bayur tree, maple-leaved lancewood, torch tree.

• Kaphaghna-kanthya.
• Kushtagna-tvacya-kandughna.
• Vrana ropana-shodana.
• Daha prashamana.

• Sira shoola.
• Mosurika-dhaha
• Vedana pradhana vata vikara.
• Kasa-Shwasa-Svara bheda
• Visa
• Twagvikara-kustha-kandu

Other uses:
The flowers of the Bayur tree can serve as a pleasant perfume and can even keep away insects.
The flowers also provide a number of medicinal uses.
An effective tonic can be prepared, as well as being used as a cure for inflammation, ulcers, blood problems, and even tumors.
The Bayur Tree even serves a cultural function. Local Hindu people employ the plant for religious purposes

The drug muchakunda pacifies tridoshas and rakta-pitta.
• The drug is blood purifier haemostatics, analegesic and anti-pruritic. It is beneficial for throat.
• Externally the flowers of drug muchakunda are pounded with water and applied over head as the flowers of muchakunda relieves headache immediately which is an important medicinal utility in classical uses of muchakunda.
• Muchakunda is recommended for external application as a paste over vidradhi.
• The drug in general is considered useful in kasa,tvag dosha,visha,kandu or pama,kantha vikara,shotha shofa,rakta dosha –rakta vikara and vedana vikara.
• The oil is prepared with the flowers of Muchakunda (flowers cooked in tila taila or sesome oil according tailapaka vidhi) and the oil is applied to head.
• It was also used externally to small pox.
• The flowers and bark are charred and mixed with the powder of Mallotus philippinesis flowers for application to small pox.
• Muchakanda flowers credited with blood purifying, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic properties.

Home remedies:
• A paste of flowers was applied over the forehead for providing relief during headache, hemicranias
• Muchakunda is recommended for external application as a paste over vidradhi.

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