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Ayurveda – Khadira herb and its medical importance

Khadira is a very famous skin benefiting Ayurvedic herb. Its botanical name is Acacia catechu and it belongs to Mimosoideae family. A famous Ayurvedic skin tonic – Khadirarishta is prepared with this herb as the main ingredient.

– Tikta, Kasaya
Guna – Laghu, Ruksa
Virya – Sheetha
Vipaka – Katu
Prabhava – Kusthaghna
DOSHAGNATHA – Kapha – Pittahara.

Khadira acts as Kusthaghna, Rucikara, Stambana, Raktasodhaka, Sothahara, Kaphanisaraka, Sukrasodhana, Kandughna, Jwaraghna, Medohara, Krimighna, Dantya, Raktastambana, Grahi, Kasaghna, Vranaropana, Mutra sangrahaniya.

Of all the herbs to treat skin diseases, Khadira is the greatest.
Of all the astringent herbs that are used as tooth brush, Khadira is the best.
Water decoction (Kashaya) of Khadira is instantly useful in diabetes and urinary tract disorders.
Dantya – improves quality of teeth.
Kandughna – relieves itching, pruritis.
Kasaghna – Useful in cough, cold.
Medoghna – Useful in obesity.
Krumighna – Useful in worm infestation.
Mehaghna – Useful in diabetes and urinary tract disorders.
Jvaraghna – Useful in fever.
Shvitraghna – Useful in leucoderma.
Shothahara – relieves inflammation.
Amahara – relieves Ama (a state of indigestion and malabsorption at digestive and cellular levels).
Pittasra hara – useful in bleeding disorders.
Panduhara – useful in anemia, early stages of liver diseases.
Kushtahara – Useful in skin diseases.
In any skin disease, Khadira decoction should be used for bathing and drinking.


The plant extract acts fine on fungal growths as a super duper herbal anti-fungal agent, Useful in dressing of wounds, It is good for worm infestation. Useful in stomatitis, in laryngitis is an herbal cure for the cases of gingivitis. It works as a blood purifier, it works great for many skin disorders, and this plant is also known to treat sores and the problem of skin afflictions. The bark of the plant is used as antipyretic as well as anti-inflammatory substance. The bark cures psoriasis, anemia, Treats the problem of leprosy. Good for Skin disorders. A very good thing for the treatment of Constipation. Is very good for people suffering from obesity.The distilled water of the plant are used to cure acute body pains.

Anti fungal activity: According to studies, the plant extract reacts on the growth of various fungal growths like Piricularia Oryzae as well as colletotrichum falcatum.
Birth control: The Acacia catechu plant is used as a natural birth control agent which is chemical free. It is beneficial when taken under proper guidance.
Swelling in liver: Liver sluggishness and swelling are some of the liver ailments that can be relieved by using the extract of Acacia catechu.
Blood clotting: This therapeutic plant helps in clotting blood in case of excessive bleeding.
Gingivitis: Acacia catechu extract is used for the purpose of gargling to relieve the problem of gingivitis
It is also used for the management of life threatening diseases like Leukaemia
Asthma, Bronchitis and cough
Relieves dysentery, diarrhea and the problem of stomatitis
This plant is also known to relieve sores and the problem of skin afflictions
The bark of the plant is used as an antipyretic as well as anti inflammatory substance.
The bark relieves psoriasis, anemia, ulcers, gum issues.
Relieves the problem of leprosy
Swelling in spleen
Skin disorders
Pain in the chest


Obesity: Acacia catechu liquid is very good for people suffering from obesity
The extract of the plant is very good for relieving sore throat
A very strong combination of Acacia catechu extract and milk can relieve complains of cough as well as bronchitis
The distilled water of the plant is used to relieve acute body pains

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