Ayurveda – Karpoora herb

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Ayurveda – Karpoora and its medical importance

A large, handsome, evergreen tree, native to China and Japan. Leaves are glabrous, sub- coriaceous, ovate-elliptic to elliptic to sub-ovate-elliptic, inflorescence is in axillary, slender, glabrous and many FLOWERED panicles. The fruits are one-seeded berries, globose, slightly fleshy, seated on a shallow, thin cup, turning black when ripe. C. camphora comprises many forms.

Properties and Benefits:

Chedana, Lekhana – has scraping property, useful in balancing Kapha, in respiratory disorders and in cholesterol / clot deposition in blood vessels
Medohara – reduces fat and cholesterol levels
Camphor acts as a blood thinning agent. It is also used in low blood pressure.

External application:

Camphor oil is used externally to treat arthritis pain and rheumatism.
A teaspoon of Camphor oil is mixed along with 100 ml of olive oil / sesame oil. This is applied externally to improve blood circulation.
Camphor is FDA approved for external application in a concentration of 3 – 11 %

Mukhashoshahara – Relieves mouth dryness
Mukha vairasyahara – relieves bad breath problem. This is why camphor has been used as an ingredient in betel leaf combination – Pan – Tambul
Kanta Doshahara – clears throat.
It relieves toothache.

Vishahara, Vishapaha – Anti toxic
Chakshushya – improves vision, good for eyes, useful in eye disorders
Madakaraka – over-dosage may cause intoxication.
Yogavahi – acts as a catalyst
Dahahara – being a coolant, it relieves burning sensation
Vrushya – acts as aphrodisiac in lower doses. However, higher doses decrease sexual performance.
Medhya – improves intelligence
Kruminashana – relieves intestinal worm infestation
Cheenaka variety of Karpoora is Ati Pittala – increases Pitta Dosha.
Its vapors inhaled lead to relief from chest congestion due to excessive sputum. It is also used in cough treatment.


Karpura is useful in diarrhea. It gives relief when there is increases motility of intestines.
Karpura’s use is good in pre mature ejaculation. It acts as an aphrodisiac.
Karpura is used as mouth refreshner .
Karpuraa solidifies all secretions and helps to check various respiratory diseases.
Researches on Karpura have proved that bark of Karpura plant is sedative, antispasmodic. It is used in worm infestation.
Roots and leaves of Karpura are useful in disorders of spleen and liver.
Researchers have shown the ethanolic extract of fruits of Karpura is useful in several gram positive and gram negative bacterial infections.
Karpura asava prepared from Karpura plant is useful in diarrhea.
Use of Karpura is beneficial in burning sensation, thirst, abnormal taste in mouth, excessive fats and bad body odour.

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