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Ayurveda – Daruharidra herb and it medical importance

Berberis aristata also known as the Indian barberry is one of the best Ayurveda herbs which correct the metabolism, improves the liver function and nourishes the skin on deeper levels.


The qualities and usage of Daru haridra is quite similar to benefits of turmeric.
>Vranajit – quick wound healing
>Mehajit – useful in diabetes and urinary tract diseases
>karnanetramukharogas – useful in the treatment of pain and itching related disorders related to eyes, ears and oral cavity.
>Shophahara – anti-inflammatory
>Kandu kushtahara – relieves skin diseases with itching
>Visarpahara – useful in herpes
>Vishahara – anti toxic
>Kapha, Abhishyandi hara – has drying quality, relieves moisture, (as in wound healing).
>It is used in menorraghia and leucorrhea (white discharge) It helps to relieve spasmoidic pain of abdomen.
>It is used in treating diarrhea.

External application:

  • Its paste, made with water is applied externally to relieve pain and inflammation. Its filtered decoction (Kashaya) is used to wash eyes to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation.
  • Its decoction is used for gargling to relieve improve voice and throat infection.
  • Its paste is applied over non healing wounds, syphilis ulcers, and fistula for quick healing.
  • Properties & Benefits:

    Daruharidra reduces inflammation or oedema, removes pain, cures and heals ulcers
    Daruharidra used for eye diseases like conjunctivitis, the paste is applied around the eyes.
    Daruharidra rasanjan and rose water can applied in the ears in earache or ear discharge.
    Daruharidra rasanjan is used in diseases of the mouth and throat, rasanjan is used for gargling.
    Chancroid ulcers, gotre, fistula, erysipelas are treated with Daruharidra paste.
    Vaginal discharges are treated by the douche prepared from Daruharidra.
    Daruharidra is blood purifier and haemostatic agent.
    Daruharidra is useful in uterine inflammations.
    Daruharidra is febrifuge and diaphoretic and is a prophylactic treatment for typhoid, hence it is useful in common fever and also in chronic fever.
    Daruharidra causes sweating, is antipyretic and is useful in recurrent malaria. When malaria parasites hide in the liver, Quinine is not effective but Daruharidra is very effective.
    Daruharidra is appetizer, liver stimulant, cholagogue but astringent. A larger dose is laxative. The fruit is very tasty and antidipsetic. Because of these actions Daruharidra is a superior medicine in agnimandya, dysentery, jaundice and other liver disorders.
    Daruharidra powder is especially useful in eye diseases. It is said that Rasanjana which prepared from Daruharidra stem; can prevent and cure opacities from the eyes.

    Home remedies:

    1) Grind the branch of the dharuharidra and apply on eyelid as the kajal. It cures and prevents the eye disorders.
    2)Make the root decoction of the dharuharidra and consume twice a day to cure piles.

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