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Ayurveda – Chandhana herb and its medical importance

Sandalwood comes from an evergreen tree that is grown in southern India. The precious oil collects in the heartwood (center of the trunk) and is best harvested after the tree is at least 60 years old. The wood is ground into powder and then steam-distilled into oil for use in soaps, cosmetics, candles, medicines, perfumes, and incense. The harder outer wood is used to make beads and carved statues of deities.


wood is used as an external application on boils, inflammations, skin diseases and headache. A decoction of the fruit is an astringent, tonic for chronic dysentery. The colouring matter of the wood is used as dye. Wood is guound up with water into a paste and applied to the temples in headache, fevers and local inflammations. Oil from the heart wood is used in the symptomatic treatment of dysuria, in gonorrheal, urethritis and cystitis

a) Sandalwood (Chandana) is best in reliving bad odor, burning sensation and best to apply as paste.
b) Rakta Prasadana – Detoxifies blood, useful in bleeding disorders
c) Vrushya – acts as aphrodisiac
d) Dahahara, Antardaha hara – relieves internal burning sensation, seen in Pitta imbalance conditions such as gastritis, sore throat, laryngitis, sun stroke etc.
e) Pittasrahara – useful in bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, menorrhagia etc.
f) Vishahara – anti toxic
g) Trushnahara – relieves thirst
h) Krumighna – Relieves worm infestation, useful in infected wounds
i) Shishira – coolant
j) Ahladana – brings about pleasant effect, nourishes sense organs
k) Klamahara, Shramahara – Relieves tiredness, fatigue
l) Shoshahara – relieves emaciation, dehydration
m) Varnya – Improves skin tone and complexion
n) It acts as diuretic, used in treating bladder inflammation, cystitis, urethritis vaginitis.
o) It is used in eye disorders involving excessive secretion, redness and burning
p) It is useful in menorrhagia and excessive white discharge (leucorrhea).
q)It is useful to control anger (by balancing Pitta). Hence useful in psychiatric disorders such as Mania, Schizophrenia etc. Hence used as ingredient inManasamitra Vatakam
r) Chandan is used in acute dermatitis, gonorrhea, palpitations.

Home remedies:

1) Paste of sandalwood applied over forehead relieves headache caused by stress.
2)In herpes its paste helps to relieve pain and burning.

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