Ayurveda – Best remedy for Cold


Ayurvedic Remedy For Cold

Ayurvedic concept of cold:
According to Ayurveda, any ailment is caused by an imbalance of the doshas in the body. Common colds are caused by an excessive Kapha in the body.
Ayurveda recommends avoiding Kapha-inducing food items such as dairy, wheat, oily fried food and sugar while you are suffering from common cold.
Ayurveda also recommends using hot liquids, warm spices, apart from the herbs, when you are suffering from cold. One should try to remain as active as they can during cold, which helps in loosening the built-up mucus in the body.
One lesser known Ayurvedic herb/remedy for summer cold is Eucalyptus Oil. Ayurveda recommends its usage to keep cough and cold at bay.
Eucalyptus oil has a number of health benefits associated with it. It is loaded with various antibacterial, antifungal and anti-expectorant properties.
Its regular usage helps in the production of cells that further help in the destruction of bacterial cells. It also has vital immune-boosting properties that help in curbing infections. It also helps in pushing out the phlegm and helps in clearing out your air passage.

Other Remidies:
Wash Hands Several Times In A Day: The common cold-causing virus is passed on from an ill person to the healthy person. So, remember to wash your hands with warm water several times in the day.
Drink Plenty Of Fluids: To Keep Common Cold In Summer At Bay. Drink plenty of fluids, as it will help in replenishing yourself and also help maintain your body’s hydration level.
Take Plenty Of Rest: Taking plenty of rest during the cold will aid your body to recover faster.
Spend Some Time Soaking In Sunshine: You are more prone to cold when you are indoors or in air-conditioned places. That’s why, it is a good idea to spend some time outdoors, as the sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that can kill cold-causing viruses and bacteria.

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