ardha chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana


Yogasana – Ardha Chandrasana: Benefits, Steps to perform and precautions to be taken

Ardha Chandrasana is a effective asana that when practiced daily reduces stress to the spine and makes back fitter, this asana strengthens spine and muscles of back.
With this posture practice regularly you can cure all your spine and back problems and also sciatica pain.

How to Perform:

step 1:
Stand in a Samasthithi position.

step 2: Now, place your body in Trikonasana position, your left hand should be placed on your left buttock and your right hand should touch the right foot.

step 3: Your hand and your shoulder should be in a straight line. You can align your body in that way by moving a little forward.

step 4: Lift up your right hand and place it a little away from your right foot. It should not be too far away.

step 5:. Keep your right leg straight. It should not be bent from the knee.

step 6: Try to lift up your left leg up in the air in a 90 degree angle. It should be in a straight line with your head.

step 7: Lift up your left hand up in the air in a straight line with your right hand.

step 8: Look in the upward direction towards your left hand.


Those suffering from lower back injuries and shoulder injuries have to avoid this asana. Those practicing this asana must not strain any body parts so that they can avoid future injuries.

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