Ardha Chakrasana

Ardha Chakrasana

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Yogasana – Ardhachakrasana

Ardhachakrasana is a very effective asana that must be practiced daily to get the required result,it is really effect in toning up the body, by removing all unwanted fat and toxins from our body.

How to Perform:

step 1:
Start from Samathithi.
step 2:Raise your hands upto the shoulders and rotate your hands above the shoulders.
step 3:Slowly bend back the upper part of your body along with the hands, as far as you can go.
step 4:Remain in this position for few seconds to a minute, according to your capacity.
step 5:To release the pose, bring back slowly to the standing position with hands on your side.
step 6:There is a variation of ardha chakrasana, where the hands are placed behind the hips and then the back bending is attempted.


Keep the breath slow.
Tuck the tailbone in, to maintain the straight line from the shoulder and all the way to the toes.
Remain relax, steady and comfortable in the pose. People often start to tense up the whole body while in the pose, so try to relax the whole body with the slow breath.

Do Not – Let the hips fall, Raise the leg too far, separating away from the other knee, Come into the full position unless the body is comfortable, Arch the back in this position by lifting the hips too high up

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