adhomukha svanasana

Yogasana – Adhomuka Svanasana

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Yogasana – Adhomuka Svanasana it benefits, step to perform, precautions

The Adhomuka svanasana lengthens and decompresses the spine, stretches the hamstrings, strengthens your arms, flushes your brain with fresh oxygen and calms your mind.

Adho Mukho Svanasana is very helpful especially for women. It is because the regular practise of this can cure symptoms of menopause and can also balance your period cycle. In general this asana also helps to balance the functioning of the digestive system thus keeping away acidity and gas.


How to Perform:


step 1: Lay downward on the floor.

step 2: Spread your feet out ward.

step 3: Lift the knee caps, feet and thigh on the floor.

step 4: Move your palm towards your abdomen, press your palm on the floor and lift your hips.

step 5: Bend your neck to face the roof.

step 6: Stay in this position for 20-30 second and come back to initial position.

step 7: You can repeat these steps.



We would suggest you to avoid doing this asana if you suffer from:
High blood pressure
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Detached eye retina
Weak eye capillaries
Dislocated shoulder / shoulder injury or diarrhea.

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